A New Asset Library

4K Textures, HDRi’s, VFX Assets, SFX & VDB Volumes

 When signed up you can instantly download assets – info@vfxhut.com

What is VFXHut’s Library?

In simple terms this is a platform where you can access all of VFXhuts’ Library content with unlimited downloads for either one recurring yearly fee or our lifetime option.

VDB Volumes 

We offer a good collection of ever expanding VDB Files, so you can throw some exciting fire, expolosions and smoke into your 3D Scenes.

Flexible Packages

Whether you are a solo Artist, Studio or working on some of the biggest projects in the industry, we have a plan that is for everyone.

Latest Assets

Say hello to the new additions to our Asset Library

  • Alien Ground

    £2.50 Get
  • Bomb Drop – Explosion 12

    £3.99 Get
  • Broken Sticks

    £2.50 Get
  • Broken Sticks 2

    £2.50 Get
  • Chunky Gravel

    £2.50 Get
  • Fire – Bomb

    £3.50 Get
  • Surface Imperfection 44

    £1.50 Get
  • Surface Imperfection 45

    £1.50 Get
  • Surface Imperfection 43

    £1.50 Get
  • Surface Imperfection 42

    £1.50 Get
  • Surface Imperfection 41

    £1.50 Get
  • Surface Imperfection 40

    £1.50 Get

Happy Peeps


 Great to be part of a Library that gets updated that you can pay once for, it was a no brainer for us. Yes, we are still Quixel Subcribers but if you want something you pay for once and just want to have multiple places to look for Pre-made Assets then this is perfect. This is just the start, with the promise of more volumes and textures I can see this becoming a game changer


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