VH Color – Lexi



  • VH Octane Log1 LUT for Octane Render Engine
  • VH Octane Log2 for Octane Render Engine

Designed to simulate REDRAW and Sony Colour, and contrast when shooting in log. This means if you shoot log and render log you can apply the same looks/LUTs to both captured footage and renders.

For best results order LUT first and encode frames to a good codec or image format such as EXR or 16bit tiff.

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  • VH Color correction LUT’s

Color correct your  footage from BMC Film or SLOG3 and make it look better than an Alexa as this new look fuses between RED, Arri and BMC. Picked the best colours that each camera has to offer and plonked them in a set of varying LUT’s.

Skin tones from the Alexa and Greens and yellows from RED.