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VFXHUT [Subscriptions]
£49 a year really?

Yes if you sign up you get unlimted access to all products, Textures, VDB’s, HDRi’s and more, plus what ever we add whilst you are signed up. Currently we  have 850+ Products on our store. When we get to 1000 products, we will be re-looking at the pricing and bumping it up a bit, this will not affect people that are already signed up but it may effect their renewal if they choose to Re-subscribe.  Also note some products include more than one file like our SFX packs.

(Updated Pricing in Question)

Can I test the VDB's Before I Sign Up?

Yes , Click here to download our sample pack. With these, you can test 5 frames from Hollywood 5 in both MQ and HQ2 to see what works on your machine.

Why are my downloads slow?

90% of cases this has been down to internet issues, however we are still a startup with very fast but basic severs, so if more than 140+ people hit the site and download a volume at once then you could experience slight delays.

However if this becomes a problem because we make it into the hundreds / thousands in terms of subscribers then we will be upgrading our back-end servers. – If this is you drop us a screenshot of your speeds.

Zips are not unzipping?

Two main factors cause this to happen. The first most popular reason is the software used to unzip the zip files. We recommend 7Zip due to the compression we have used. Secondly, a system with 16GB of RAM is ideal for unzipping the larger volumes.

Can I Upgrade my plan if earn more or suddenly own a studio?

Yes, get in touch via the online form, Live chat or send us an email and we will get in touch. help@subs.vfxhut.com

Can I Upgrade my plan to lifetime after paying for one or two years?

Yes we can make a bespoke discounted quote, if you get in touch via the online form, Live chat or send us an email and we will get in touch. help@subs.vfxhut.com

What resolution are the Surfaces?

The Resolution of all surfaces are 4K in JPG format – unless stated. Some Surface Imperfections may be higher or lower res than 4K.

Can I use vfxhut content for commercial purposes, such as in a still, animation, video, game design, film or printed media?

Yes, all VFXhut products can be used for anything commercial providing you are signed up to one of the membership plans.

Assets must not be resold or distrabuted as individual assets or as part of pre-textured 3d models you wish to sell. If you need a texture for a model you wish to sell then get in touch for a quote.

Can I get a refund?

Unlike our store we do not offer refunds due to the nature of the products sold and pricing we do not offer refunds, however if you choose to buy a year annual plan you can cancel anytime. If you are having trouble with your account please message us straight away, as we do not offer refunds.

How long is a Lifetime Plan for?

Lifetime plans are for as long as VFX Hut is going/running. We see no reason to not be around, however 2020 the year has proven to be challenging and unpredictable so no-one can always be certain. But if we ever had to close up shop for whatever reason then we would email every single person to let them know. In which case they could download everything they wanted before we closed.

Why Does My Volume not Render?

Most of the time its either due to a buggy render engine or you have your timeline still set to frame 0 in which case some volumes dont start doing anything untill frame 30ish. Please also follow our youtube tutorials for extra guidence.

Do you have dedictated Store Support?

Reach out to us on help@subs.vfxhut.com, should you be expericing difficulty with the online store or your account.

Do you have dedictated Asset Support?

Currently no, our current pricing model does’nt allow for it. When our library and customer base expand we will look at getting a dedicated support team. Always drop an email if you are stuck and we will get back to you if we can, we have already helped people out that don’t quite know what they are doing with some of the assets.

SFX Packs - How many sounds do I get?

It depends on the pack you go for we only create a pack if theres more than 10 sounds, but last time we updated Foley Vol.1 we had 130 SFX files.

What resolution are the VDB Files?

A very good question, they all depend on the volume itself. Min 256 cubed – to a max of 420 cubed x2 (840 cubed). We need to keep file size down aswell as balancing computer specs. a volume could eat a lot of GPU power if its crazy high res. Most of our explosions are desgined to be used for Mid or wide shots. WHY would you want to do a close up of a beautifully designed explosion.

I've cancelled via Paypal?

Please get in touch if you have done this and let us know what you want to do or cancel your account on the website. If you do pause a subscription and continue to use the service will send an invoice to be paid for the time you have paused a membership.

Also If via paypal or the website your account has been cancelled and you wish to rejoin or continue downloading assets you will be moved onto our newer tarif and will loose your early adoption discount.



Our Surface Imperfections vary in resolution depending on what we are capturing. Most maps will be between 4K and 3.5K, but none should be under 2K - allowing for maximum quality as captured within the real world.


We currently have two types of imperfection maps, Still (Imperfections) and Video (Motion Imperfections). Our Motion Imperfections are captured at 8K using a RED V-RAPTOR Camera.

Motion Imperfections:

We provide a 120fps processed MOV & Standard speed processed in PNG Sequences, HQ MP4 and MP4. If they are too slow feel free to speed them up using the 120fps footage.

Please Note: Most Motion Imperfections will not be seamless


Most VDB Volumes are Low to Medium Resolution, meaning they are designed for Mid to Wide shots.

This is to allow all users of GPU Renderers to add volumes into their scenes. Also it helps keep the file size down.

VDB Volumes labeled [L] are our legacy volumes (Early Volume Creations) (Wide Shots)

VDB Volumes labeled [SQ] are resolution designed for wide shots (Wide-Mid)

VDB Volumes labeled [MQ] are the optimal resolution for file size or asset type (Mid)

VDB Volumes labeled [HQ] are 2-3x the resolution of non-HQ files (Mid to Close)

VDB Volumes labeled [HQ2] require a single GPU with more than 11GB VRAM (Close up)