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32+ New Assets Added to the Library in May 2023 [So Far]

+ 7 New HQ2 VDB Volumes Added + 2 New HQ VDB Volumes Added + 1 New MQ VDB Volumes Added + 11 New Surfaces Added + 11 New Motion Imperfections Added

100+ New Assets Added to the Library in April 2023

+ 77 New Surface Imperfections Added + 1 New VFX Pack Added (Sci-Fi Fractal Tools) + 12 New VDB Volume Added + 10 New Smart Materials Added + 1 Pack updated on Legacy Sore + 1 New Pack on Legacy Store + Updated VDB UI and sorted volumes based on...

12+ New Assets Added to the Library in March 2023

+ 10 New Smart Materials Added (New Category) + 1 Pack of Smart Materials (10) + 1 New 3D Photoscan model added

23+ New Assets Added to the Library in February 2023

+ 13 Photoscan Assets Added + 10 Base Mesh Assets Added

57+ New Assets Added to the Library in Jan 2023

34 New Photoscans have been added. (1 exclusive freebie to unlimited customers) Also a whopping 22 New VDB Volumes added. Haze Planes VFX Pack Added

Photoscans Added [Christmas Update]

To Kick start our photoscans collection we have added 10 models, so you can start playing whilst we go out and collect more! - Have Fun subscribers :). Also we have added 7 more base meshes to the base mesh collection too. With lots of new VDB's to be added in the new...

6 New Base Meshes Added!

Before we release yet another collection of assets we wanted to add a few more base mesh models to the collection.

16 New VDB Volumes Added!

To put a nice end to our black friday sale - we have added 16 New volumes to the ever expanding library which you can download absolutely free providing you are on one of our unlimited plans. Alternatively you cna visit our Asset Store vfxhut.com and buy them...

44 New Assets Added!

35 New Surfaces Added & 9 New VDB Volumes Added to our ever expanding library. We are getting closer to our next price increase as the library expands, so remeber the price you lock in at, you keep forever.

53 New Products Added Since December 2021

We keep our updates on our Discord channel, and only ocasionally update our news section. So since our last blog update we have released 53 Products, including Volumes, Surfaces, SFX Packs & Newly Added Landscapes.


Our Surface Imperfections vary in resolution depending on what we are capturing. Most maps will be between 4K and 3.5K, but none should be under 2K - allowing for maximum quality as captured within the real world.


We currently have two types of imperfection maps, Still (Imperfections) and Video (Motion Imperfections). Our Motion Imperfections are captured at 8K using a RED V-RAPTOR Camera.

Motion Imperfections:

We provide a 120fps processed MOV & Standard speed processed in PNG Sequences, HQ MP4 and MP4. If they are too slow feel free to speed them up using the 120fps footage.

Please Note: Most Motion Imperfections will not be seamless


Most VDB Volumes are Low to Medium Resolution, meaning they are designed for Mid to Wide shots.

This is to allow all users of GPU Renderers to add volumes into their scenes. Also it helps keep the file size down.

VDB Volumes labeled [L] are our legacy volumes (Early Volume Creations) (Wide Shots)

VDB Volumes labeled [SQ] are resolution designed for wide shots (Wide-Mid)

VDB Volumes labeled [MQ] are the optimal resolution for file size or asset type (Mid)

VDB Volumes labeled [HQ] are 2-3x the resolution of non-HQ files (Mid to Close)

VDB Volumes labeled [HQ2] require a single GPU with more than 11GB VRAM (Close up)