VFX Hut – Unlimited Library

44 New Assets Added!

35 New Surfaces Added & 9 New VDB Volumes Added to our ever expanding library. We are getting closer to our next price increase as the library expands, so remeber the price you lock in at, you keep forever.

53 New Products Added Since December 2021

We keep our updates on our Discord channel, and only ocasionally update our news section. So since our last blog update we have released 53 Products, including Volumes, Surfaces, SFX Packs & Newly Added Landscapes.

Announcement + 18 New Surfaces

Wow what a year so far for VFXHUT. We are excited to announce that we will be offering monthly Unlimted plans. At first we we be testing the water to see if this is something we can offer, We will review in January 2022. What else - well we have implemeted several...

VFX Hut December Update

First of all! - Thank you to each and everyone that has either bought from our store or signed up for one of our plans. Content-wise we may seem to be slower than usual but what have we been upto, well I'm glad you asked: Lens Dirt Fx Pack consisting of 61 Images...

5 New VDB Volumes Added!

27 New Surfaces + 4 VDB Volumes Added

It's been a few months since our last upload. So that's why we have a fairly cchunky one this month.

Collections Added

We have now launched collections a good way to find assets quickly for specific purposes.